World School Sports Football Championship, from July 22 to 31, 2023, Rabat, Morocco.

The Royal Moroccan Federation of School Sports (FRMSS), the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) and the International Federation of School Sports (ISF) signed on Friday at the Mohammed VI football complex in Maâmoura, Salé, the contract for organization in Morocco of the 2023 world school football championship.

Morocco's candidacy was selected for the organization of this competition, scheduled for July 22 to 31, 2023, during the general assembly of the ISF, held on May 16 and 17 in Normandy (France) on the sidelines of the 19-th Gymnasium of school sports. Morocco will thus be the first African country to host this sporting.


ISF World Schools Championships (WSC) are events characterized by a balanced program between sport and educational content: the balance between sport and education is to create awareness about the role of sport in putting forward topics such as fair play, and healthy lifestyle, respect, inclusion. WSC is open to the participation of school teams. Besides the name of the respective member, teams will defend the colors and name of the specific school they represent. This format is meant to create a strong identification between the students and the school they attend. WSC is team competition, meaning that team results are awarded by trophies, medals, and certificates. Each ISF member may enter the competition with more than one school team per category. School Sports Entities or schools from School Sports Entities that are not members of the ISF can take a part in ISF events provided that they follow all ISF regulations and that the institutions that wish to enter the event are recognized by an official national or sports authority. Age categories for WSC’s are outlined in their respective sport-specific rules. The educational program and the sports format of the event shall always be adapted to the age of participants: in general, in events for lower age categories, the educational content will have a more prominent role. 

The Ministry of National Education, Preschool and Sports in the Kingdom of Morocco has organized a national competition for the best poster and the best painting to showcase the artistic and creative talents of students and educators in preparation for the upcoming World School Football Championship 2023 in Rabat.

The competition, open to all public and private school students, aimed to promote the event and support cultural, artistic, and sporting activities making the school an appropriate space for creativity, innovation and fulfilment.

60 productions, including 40 paintings and 20 posters, were produced from all regions of Morocco and underwent a rigorous selection process, with winners from each level of education receiving the opportunity to attend all activities of the World Championship.


The event will highlight the importance of cultural and sport activities in personal development and the productions will be exhibited in the fun zone.

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