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Please note that this section of this bulletin is relevant only for ISF members.

Non-ISF member and DAS willing to participate to the event, please send an interest of participation to the ISF office at both and


 The only registrations accepted are the one made through ERAS - the ISF registration platform.

- Each ISF member country is entitled to have the credential to access ERAS.

- To access ERAS, please use your ERAS credentials in: ISF ERAS | ERAS (

- If you forgot your password, you can reset it at: Password Recovery | ISF ERAS (

- If you encounter any other problems, please contact the ISF secretariat at or the sport department at 


The registration process for ISF members is divided in 2 phases:

Phase 1 / deposit payment July 25 - December 20, 2022

Registration phase 1 for the Event shall be from 25th July 2022 to 10th December 2022.

During registration phase 1 registering delegations shall indicate their intention of participation, the number of teams per category that they wish to enter and exact number of participants per team. All ISF members are expected to pay the deposits for their teams or reach an agreement with the ISF (see chapter below) by December 20, 2022. Delegation will be able to enter Registration phase 2 after the *deposit has been paid or an agreement with the ISF has been reached but no later than 10th December.


Phase 2 December 21, 2022 - April 22, 2023

In registration phase 2, countries are expected to enter the exact detailed information for each participant (name, date of birth, gender, photo, dietary requirements). Furthermore, delegation will submit their expected date of arrival and departure as well as the type of transport that will be required